COVID-19 Procedures

Dear friends,

Although we are very excited to re-open our doors, there are new rules and guidelines that we must abide by to remain open during these unprecedented times. So let's all work together to learn what we have to do to "slow the spread"!



Each and every one of you is VERY important to us, and we are doing our best to accommodate.
We have to cut down on the number of pets we take each day in order to  take the extra steps necessary in compliance with the CDC guidelines.
So as much as we would love to "squeeze" anyone in, it is for health reasons that we simply cannot. We sincerely apologize and we are trying  to be as fair as possible!

This being said, let's get down to business and go over the new procedures!

🐾 SAFETY AND HEALTH are number one! If you or anyone at home has been  diagnosed with COVID-19 or are showing any symptoms of being sick..  PLEASE. STAY. HOME. 😷
Reschedule if necessary. As much as your pet may need grooming, it is far more IMPERATIVE that any pet that has been exposed to someone who is  sick to stay home! No groom is worth the health risk of our families or  yours. ❤

🐾 If you do NOT feel comfortable bringing your pet in for their  scheduled appointment, that is totally understandable! We simply ask  that you let us know as soon as possible.

🐾 We will be practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING by wearing masks, face  shields, and gloves, and only offering curbside pick ups and drop offs.  Our front door will be locked. Please WAIT IN YOUR CAR until we come out  to you. Upon arrival, you may give us a call or  text at 847-312-7387 to notify us that you have arrived.

🐾 Per the CDC, ALL leashes, collars, harnesses, coats, etc. MUST go  home with you. We will provide our own sanitized and disinfected leads  to receive your pets upon arrival

🐾 Any social interaction must be kept extremely short, so unfortunately  no extended conversation can be had at this time. If your pet has any  special needs, please call us the day before your appointment to convey  any important information. Leave us a message  if we cannot answer right away!

🐾 New Clients: we will call you the day before your appointments to go  over the details of your grooms! Also, please send rabies information to, or snap a picture and text it to  847-312-7387.

🐾 All pets in our care MUST be bathed immediately, so upon drop off we  will receive your pet and we will be going straight into the tub.
~ This being said, we unfortunately will NOT be taking in walk in nail  trims for sanitary purposes. We will be more than happy to arrange a  bath with nail trim, please call us to schedule an appointment

🐾 Payments:
~ Cash payments or tips must be in a sealed envelope
~ Credit card payments will be taken over the phone
~ Zelle/Quickpay payments can be sent to:

We will call you with the exact amount for your groom when we call to send your pet home.

🐾 Please be PROMPT for pick up. With these new sanitary guidelines, we  will not be allowing dogs to roam freely after their groom. We want to  eliminate as much kennel time as possible, so please pick up at your  soonest convenience!

🐾 In regards to matting, we will be waiving all matting fees for the month of May only! 😊
We understand that many of our clients love the long hair, as do we  since we do put a lot of love and effort into our dematting services,  however, given the circumstances, if the matting is too severe, we may  have to go shorter than normal for the best interest and comfort of your pet. ❤

We understand this is a lot to take in, but please be assured you and your pets' health and safety are our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

❤ We thank you for your patience and understanding, and together we will  work together to keep our pets cleaned and well groomed while "slowing the spread" at the same time! It is an honor to serve all of you and we  hope to continue to accommodate to each and  every one of you the best we can! ❤

Stay safe, be well, we love you all!